10.05.2024 | 21:00 Uhr


How to portray botanical agency? Janelle VanderKelen lets us understand that time and therefore movement are measured differently in the realm of plants. But plants are not the only organisms this screening block focuses on. Pigeons often misunderstood as dull birds are portraited in their own words. Still human perception is by choice of the medium in focus of all films and in particular in Victoria Halper’s Floating Flies. Of course nature and mankind’s creations are sometimes in conflict, probably making some de-construction necessary.

Language Unknown by Janelle VaderKelen

Sjhlrùl by Anna Mancuso

Floating Flies by Victoria Halper

future ready:cusp by KJ Edwards

A thousand hands, a thousand eyes by So Jung Moon

to De-Construct a Citroen (2DCaC) by Renana Aldor

Direction of the Road by Janelle VaderKelen

Infos zum Festival

Filmstill: Floating flies by Victoria Halper

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