05.12.2023 | 18:00 Uhr

This Human World Film Festival

What does queer community mean? In this program we explore this very question and we see: It creates a sense of belonging, visibility and offers room for political and social engagement.

In four diverse short films, which cover a colorful mix of genres from a documentary to a dystopian comedy, we see the meaning and dynamics of a chosen family, the reality of a trans woman's life in Mindanao, which shows that tolerance alone is not enough, the use of art as a political tool, and the defence of a home of one's own making.

BUDJANG - Rhadem Musawah, 2021, PH, 30’

POOL - Sophia Hochedlinger, AT 2023, 20’

THE ROBBERS (Original: DIE RÄUBERINNEN) - Isa Schieche, AT, 2023, 15,45’

The FOURTH GENERATION - Yony Leyser, DE 2022, 39’